Wedding Bouquet Toss Alternatives

Wedding Bouquet Toss Alternatives

When some of your unmarried guests fervently wish they were the ones getting married, traditions like the bouquet toss only serve to single out the single ladies and remind them that, except for one lucky catcher, marriage isn’t even on the horizon.

And what about your guests who are blissfully single? It seems a little unfair to corral them into a scenario where they’re trying to catch the “who’ll be married next” bouquet. That’s not even mentioning the guests who are attending as happy couples, but would still like to take part in some wedding games.

This is where bouquet toss alternatives enter the picture. Rather than trying to make your guests jostle for matrimonial flowers, you can update the toss tradition to better fit your modern lifestyle.

Celebrate True Love

Instead of calling everyone’s attention to the guests who wish they were taken, put some true love in the spotlight. Find out which couple in the room has been married the longest, and toss (or respectfully hand) your bouquet to them. You may want to have a vase ready so you can set it up as an extra decoration at their table.

Alternatively, present your bouquet (along with your sincere well-wishes and maybe a few tidbits of advice) to the couple who already intends to be married next. If your celebration falls in a “dreaded wedding cluster,” this is a graceful way to acknowledge your friends’ good fortune.

Bestow Victorian Charm

One Victorian wedding game replaces the indignity of fighting over a bouquet with the elegance of pulling silver charms from a wedding cake. Provide your baker with a set of charms (you can order a set of your preference from artists online if no shops carry them locally) and ask her to incorporate them into your cake. You can use one tier of your wedding cake or bake a small charm cake on its own. The charms should be fully hidden in the icing with only their ribbon pulls sticking out. When each person pulls out her charm, she receives a fortune telling her future.

The charm fortunes are symbols like: a ring for an upcoming marriage, a coin for wealth, a sun for a bright future, a stork for a child, a boat for adventure, and an angel for luck. (In Victorian tradition, there is also at least one “bad luck” charm, but most modern brides skip that part.)

Most charm sets come with somewhere around 10 pieces, but you can mix and match to serve the number of guests who will be participating. (Charms work especially well as a bridal party game.) If you want to include all your guests, you can include a charm with every cake slice. Just be sure to warn them first–there’s nothing lucky about chipping a tooth! 

Give Something “Useful”

If your single friends are clamoring for a tradition that will help them score a wedding ring but your bouquet isn’t tossable (say, it’s made of antique buttons), you can still hurry your guests along the road to matrimonial bliss. Share some of your good fortune by calling up your unmarried girlfriends to receive gifts that will “help them find love more quickly.” These should be light-hearted and fun. Think: flashy jewelry, colorful makeup kits, candy rings, oversized costume diamonds, or even racy items like chocolate body paint.

If you can get your friends laughing about how they’ll be sure to land a man with your “useful” party favors, you’ll have done your job perfectly. (And be sure to take all the credit when they become engaged!)

Save Something for Everyone 

Doing something nice for your friends doesn’t have to involve a physical competition. Honor the special people at your wedding, regardless of whether or not they’re married, by dividing your bouquet into sections and giving one to each person. If you have a large bridal party, or you wish to honor all of your family members, you may even walk around and distribute each flower individually along with some words of thanks.

If you’re using your bouquet and your bridesmaids’ bouquets as table centerpieces, you can ask each guest to take home a flower of their choice as a fragrant memento.

The most important reason behind keeping wedding traditions alive is interacting with your guests. When you keep that in mind, it doesn’t matter whether you throw flowers at a group of jostling ladies or you hand your bouquet to your great-grandparents. You know your friends and family better than anyone, so decide what tradition makes the most sense for your wedding. If your guests come away smiling, you made the right choice.