Six Wedding Cake Alternatives

Six Wedding Cake Alternatives

Before you run off to the nearest pastry chef or locally celebrated baker to plan your wedding cake, you may want to consider some tasty up-and-coming wedding dessert trends that are revolutionizing the way couples approach post-nuptial pastries.

When you consider American weddings can cost tens of thousands of dollars, the last thing you want to see is money unwisely spent. Many couples, upon noticing their guests sample the wedding cake and then dive for the dessert table, are now taking strides toward downsizing their dessert options. 

Having a smaller cake coupled with sweets is one option, but depending on your tastes, some brides and grooms are doing away with cake completely in favor of delectable dessert options tailored to satisfy a grown-up palate. 

When considering how your chosen treats will fit into recent wedding pastry trends, it’s most important to think about your tastes—if buttercream icing makes you swoon, you may want to keep to traditional cake. If cookies and brownies are more up your alley, why not accent your big day to reflect those tastes?

Going Completely Cookies

Cookies can be as ornate—or simple—as you desire. Consider the variety you could offer your guests with a copious sampling of cookies: white chocolate macadamia, classic chocolate chip, peanut butter, and even triple chocolate chunk may come to mind. Some couples may choose to replace their cake completely with this option. If you plan your reception to run late, consider making cookies a late-night snack in addition to cake, complete with milk. If your reception runs until the wee hours of the morning, it will have been a while since your guests enjoyed their meal, so they’ll likely gravitate to these sweet treats.

Revolutionizing the Cupcake

Pastry chefs nationwide are rediscovering this classic. Whether you want them dipped in fondue, filled with cheesecake, topped with blueberry or pumpkin icing, or even set aflame, there’s an option out there for every taste. The best part is guests can sample several without having to commit to just one type of cake. 

Upscale cupcakeries now dot the landscapes of many cities and they can likely devise these treats to match your tastes, whether that means behemoth varieties, towering with icing, nuts, and fresh fruit or mini-sized portions sprinkled with grated coconut so guests can sample a few until they find their favorite. 

Choosing Cheesecake

If rich and decadent is your style, you may want to offer another hot trend in pastries and desserts: a cheesecake bar. There are even bakeries which specialize completely in cheesecake wedding offerings, giving you the choice between a tiered cake and dessert buffet. The best part—adding a sauce bar complete with fruit, caramel sauces, nuts, and more gives guests the option to customize their slices.

Macaroons Signal Maturity

This wedding pastry trend is proof that the wedding guest’s sweet tooth is always evolving. These tender and airy confections hold a surprise. Inside the meringue filing may be coconut, white or dark chocolate, flavored buttercream, and even nuts, depending on the happy couple’s selections. These desserts are small, so you’ll need to agree on a per-guest count when ordering. 

Strawberry Infusion

While not a pastry per se, this new take on dipped strawberries will have your guests raving for months. Geared toward the adult crowd, guests can select from a number of liqueurs—Kahlua and moscato champagne are some favorites—then watch as they’re injected with the stuff and dipped in white or dark chocolate. 

Doing Donuts

This wedding pastry trend first appeared in 2009 and really started to gain momentum in 2010. Whether you’re having morning nuptials with a brunch reception or just plain love these doughy confections, the wedding variety takes it up a notch—or several—from your run-of-the-mill dozen. The options are endless: replace your cake with a donut tower, package several in a care package for out-of-town guests, or bag as party favors.

Whether you want a dessert item to accent or completely replace a cake, you can bet you’ll be able to wow your guests. Plus, thinking outside the box means you may just have to sample sweets from multiple vendors — that’s half the fun, and the reception hasn’t even started!